The House of Illusion

Salou's All -inclusive Magic & Mystery Theatre Show


Salou’s House of Illusion is an incredible Magic & Mystery all-inclusive dinner theatre show.

The House of Illusion is opening its doors once again for a brand new show for 2016.

But this time…the doors are of a completely different venue. A bigger, better and grander venue housing a brand new show for 2016 and going by the name of TIME!

We will be taking you on a journey through time, where we will visit the life and time of Sylvester Oscar Scary. Learn about his life through the mysterious world of comedy,sleight of hand., manipulation, escapology and of course grand illusion.

First of all, you will be greeted by our attentive staff and escorted along the red carpet and into the Houdini Bar.

For our Gold guests, you will be escorted into the Gold Lounge area and our VIPs will be taken straight into our Exclusive VIP area, where you will at once be presented with a glass of champagne and treated to a beautiful room overlooking the sea.

 All of our guests will be treated to a close up parlour show before the doors to the theatre open and you will be shown into our beautifully decorated, candlelit theatre, where at once you will be served as much white wine, red wine, lager and soft drinks as you like, without even having to lift a finger!

One of the main attractions of the House of Illusion is that it is all inclusive as well as being unlimited!

The night begins with an aire of surprise, as you are entertained at your tables by our weird and wonderful mystery entertainers, followed closely by a hilarious variety performance, full of comedy and laughter. All this and the main show hasn’t even begun!

The amazement really starts to kick in with the second half of the show. This is the part where we explore the life and times of Sylvester Oscar scary and take you to a TIME that you never knew even existed. A time where life was full of mystery, magic and bewilderment. We will take you on a journey full of amazement as our performers fly and twist through the air, appear in places you would never believe and leave you lost for words.

You will experience truly spectacular happenings all in the space of one night.

Witness the proof that we can make the impossible possible, right in front of your very eyes.